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10 Beautiful Stained Glass Transom Ideas

Stained Glass has been used to make beautiful transoms for centuries. There are all kinds of modern designs out there for those who are looking. If you’re a stained glass artist looking for some inspiration, or just looking for ideas for your home, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up some fantastic ideas to help you showcase your skills and get the creative juices flowing. Remember, this is just a starting off point - add your own creative twists to any of them, or go another route entirely!

A stained glass transom must be precisely aligned and well crafted, so isn’t a great project for newcomers to the space. If you think you have what it takes to create one of these beautiful pieces, we hope to help you take the plunge.

Let’s get started!!

#1 Fleur De Lis

This stunningly beautiful transom captures the heart and soul of New Orleans. It combines strong design work with beautiful colors which are reminiscent of Mardi-Gras. The detailed work in the beads are just fantastic. Be sure to scroll through the additional images for more fantastic shots of this amazing work of art!

#2 Dogwood Tree

This amazing transom features a dogwood tree in full bloom. The mix of colored and textured glass come together to form a fantastic piece. The skill needed to create a work like this are just mind boggling! Would this work well in your home? Let us know!

#3 Out Comes The Sun

This stunning transom features a sun with flourishes surrounding it. The piece feels almost alive when viewed from afar. Up close, the intricate detail in the flourishes, and the beautiful grain in the glass becomes more apparent. Just a great piece all around!

#4 Pink and Blue Horizontal Flower

This geometric shape calls to mind a beautiful pink rose. Its abstract and modern feel would look great in many homes. It’s less intricate than some of the other pieces on this list, but that doesn’t subtract from its beauty and soft feel.

#5 Geometric Transom

The design on this piece is symmetrical and visually pleasing. I love the green theme! This could be easily adapted to fit just about any space, simply by switching up the colors. Would it work in a space you have in mind?

#6 Unique Nautical Theme

This awesome piece calls to mind images related to the sea! It seems like the type you’d find in an east coast beach-house. The color scheme is pleasing, and the black hashes make me think of fishing nets. What’s your opinion?

#7 Arizona Butterfly

The colors and design of this cool piece are reminiscent of a butterfly in the southwest. It seems like it would be easy to adapt to your houses themes by changing the color scheme slightly. Overall, the design draws the eye to the center, and you can tell the artist spent a lot of time aligning the grain and ensuring the perfect fit of the glass. Just amazing!

#8 Celtic Knot

This nice work has the feel of Ireland, with its central Celtic Knot design. The muted greens are just beautiful, and make me think of the old country. Does this design fit with your decor? Let us know what you think!

#9 Funky Flower

The color scheme on this piece has a very funky feel to it! The vibrant blue set against the yellow backdrop just sets it off like crazy. The small buds surrounding the piece almost feel like tiny christmas lights… would this work well in red and green?

#10 Leafy Transom

Perfect for a cozy cabin in the woods, this leafy transom has a very nature oriented feel to it. The craftsmanship is just top notch, and it’s a very well thought out piece. Have the perfect place for it in your home?

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve found some great inspiration from the items on this list. Stained glass is a perfect fit for any home, and a great opportunity to get a little crafty. Whether you’re looking for project inspiration or just searching for the right piece to install in your house, our round-up ideas are just scratching the surface. If you’re looking for other project ideas, check us out on pinterest!