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15 Festive Christmas Stained Glass Project and Gift Ideas

Christmas is an amazing time of year, and if you’re like us, the day we bring the decorations out of storage marks the official start of the holiday season. For stained glass crafters, Christmas presents a fantastic opportunity to show off your skills and bring in the cheer! Whether you’re looking for a craft idea to brighten up your home, or to give as a gift, we’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ve rounded up some truly amazing craft ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing. If you’re looking for pre-made items, or tools for artisans, we recommend checking out this great list of Stained Glass Gift Ideas we stumbled on recently.

Let’s get started!!

#1 Christmas Tree With Presents

Check out this awesome piece by instagram user hgemegh_art! It’s a whimsical 3-dimensional scene that actually has a relatively simple design. It would look great on an end table or mantle!

#2 Funky Christmas Tree Hanger

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! Up next is another christmas tree inspired work, with a bit of a funky flare to it. This one is super simple, consisting of only 2 glass pieces. It works great as an ornament, suncatcher, or just hanging on the wall.

#3 Snowman Suncatcher

Baby It’s Cold Outside! This is another entry from the same artist who brought us the Christmas Tree With Presents piece. There are several great snowmen on this list, but this little guy is one of our favorites. The design is relatively simple, and this adorable snowman brings cheer to any room it’s placed in.

#4 Snowflake and Holly Wreath Suncatcher

Deck the Halls with this cute little suncatcher! It’s a somewhat intricate design, but it looks just fantastic! This pattern would also look great as a normal snowflake if you skipped the berries and changed the green pieces to white.

#5 Christmas Stocking

Hung on the window with care, this Christmas Stocking is another festive possibility if you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration! It’s not an overly complicated piece, but some of the cuts are a bit tricky. Check out our Guide to Stained Glass Saws if you need to pick one up!

#6 Christmas Cardinal

And a partridge in a pear tree! This Christmas Cardinal is another awesome Christmas project you might want to consider. It’s a detailed work with a range of complicated cuts, but boy does it look great!

#7 Christmas Tree Display

Another Christmas Tree entry in our list, this display has a somewhat retro feel to it. Each tree is composed of 5 identical triangles, and looks fairly simple to construct. Build one, or a whole forest!

#8 Christmas Tree Lights

My personal favorite part of Christmas time is the lights! This display piece is just the cutest. It could be used as a template to create a longer string of bulbs, and make an awesome accent for a wall.

#9 Holiday Penguin

This cute little guy would look great on a tree or as a suncatcher. I’m not too fond of the red eye (creepy!), but that could easily be replaced with another color. Consider adding a scarf to the design for maximum cuteness! Made one? Let us know!

#10 Beveled Snowflake Suncatcher

Walking in a winter wonderland! This beautiful snowflake is a beautiful geometric pattern. Whether you’re in the middle of an Alaska winter, or relaxing in San Diego, this suncatcher will have you feeling the holiday spirit.

#11 Snowman

He was made of snow and the children know how he came to life one day! This is the second snowman on our list, and man is it cute! There are definitely some intricate and tiny parts to this little guy, but if you’re up to the challenge, this is a great decorative piece.

#12 Holly Christmas Wreath

This work is similar to the wreath / snowflake combo above, but man is it way more intricate. Pulling this one off would be no small feat, but gosh is it ever pretty! With so many small pieces, a quality grinder can really help speed up the project. Check out our Guide to Stained Glass Grinders if you are in the market!

#13 Angel

Ok, this work of art isn’t just for Christmas time, but it just felt like it belonged on this list. It has a very “Silent Night” feel to it, but if you make one of these I think it should stay up all year long. It’s just that amazing!

#14 Holly Leaf

Simpler than the wreaths above, this holly leaf and berries piece might be more your speed if you don’t want to tackle a bigger version of it. Although, if you did make the wreath at number 12, adding a few of these around the edges would really help it pop! If you make one, be sure to let us know!

#15 Santa Clause

Ho Ho Ho! What’s a list of Christmas craft ideas without at least 1 Santa Clause on it? This piece is a fantastic representation of the jolly red guy, and would look great in any home and any window.

Wrapping Up

Get it? “Wrapping” Up? We hope you’ve found some great inspiration from the items on this list. Christmas truly is the greatest time of year, and a perfect time for crafting. If you’re looking for other project ideas, check us out on pinterest!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!